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Recordkeeping Update for Schools & Municipalities

Starting in 2018, the DSPS requires information from the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses to be entered into the DSPS’ Online Injury and Illness Reporting System.  A user name and password is required to enter information into the online system.  For questions regarding online access, send an email to DspsSbHealthandSafetyTech@wi.gov or contact your local DSPS OSH inspector.

Per Safety and Professional Services (SPS) Chapter 332.10 – Public Employee safety and Health Injury and illness reporting requirements public sector employers must record information about every work-related injury or illness that involves loss of consciousness, restricted work activity or job transfer, days away from work, or medical treatment beyond first aid.  Significant work-related injuries and illnesses that are diagnosed by a physician or licensed health care professional must be recorded.  Public sector employers must also be familiar with recording criteria listed in 29 CFR 1904.8 through 1904.12 and follow this recording criteria as well.  Injuries and illnesses must be recorded on DSPS Form SBD10710A Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses or the equivalent OSHA 300 log.

If there is uncertainty whether a case is recordable, refer to the Department of Public Safety (DSPS) – Frequently Asked Questions document.  This resource answers the following questions:

  • When in an injury or illness considered work-related?
  • What are the additional criteria?
  • What is medical treatment?
  • What is first aid?
  • How do you decide if the case involved restricted work?
  • How do you count the number of days of restricted work activity or the number of days away from work?
  • What if the outcome changes after you record the case?
  • How do you classify injuries?
  • How do you classify illnesses?

Per SPS 332.205, all Wisconsin public employers must complete and submit DSPS Form SBD10710 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, or the equivalent OSHA 300A form by March 1st.  It is required to submit this form even if there are no work-related injuries or illnesses that occurred during the previous calendar year. This Summary must be posted from February 1st through April 30th in an area where the employer posts other important notices.

If the DSPS does not receive the SBD10710 Summary form by the March 1st deadline, orders may be issued. In addition to orders, a SPS 332 safety inspection may be conducted.

For more information about DSPS reporting, recordkeeping and posting requirements, click here to download a copy of R&R’s School and Municipality Recordkeeping Flowchart.


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