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Pot bellies can afflict virtually any horse, not simply ponies or senior pasture pets. When your gelding is asking more and more like he’s pregnant your first inclination may be to scale back his feed to inspire him to shed some kilos.

But it’s a fable that reducing feed is the first-class remedy, or maybe a vital one, for a pot-bellied horse. A pot belly isn’t a fat trouble; it’s surely a conditioning trouble.


The actual cause horses get “pot-bellied”


“Pot stomach” is a commonly used time period among horse humans for a horse that appears bloated and full thru the lowest half of its barrel. It makes the horse look a piece pear-shaped: slender on top and huge underneath.

However while a horse starts to benefit too much weight, fats is normally deposited along the crest of the neck, in the back of the shoulders, over the ribs, and across the tail-head and croup – not its underline.

A pot stomach is not a signal of extra fat. Alternatively, it happens because of two contributing elements:

  • Loss of condition, specifically along the top line.
  • A diet with masses of forage.

Due to the fact high-fiber forage like grass and hay is fermented inside the horse’s hindgut for numerous days, a food regimen excessive in those may also reason the horse’s belly to make bigger and appearance pot-bellied. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing! As we’ve got mentioned advert nauseum, a high-fiber weight loss plan is right for digestive fitness, nutrition, and normal health in horses. A pot belly isn’t a cause to scale back on a horse’s hay or pasture time.

But, whilst a horse lacks muscle tone, particularly along its topline, it then loses the vital energy to aid the decrease belly. a pot stomach really displays a loss of muscle conditioning in the horse.

That’s why you tend to look pot bellies in very young horses or mature out-of-paintings horses – however hardly ever in racehorses (and different high performance horses) that are in pinnacle condition but devour an awful lot large diets.


Workout to reduce a horse’s pot stomach


At the same time as a pot belly is typically cosmetic, it alerts a lack of muscle conditioning alongside a horse’s topline that would lead to different health and lameness problems. The first-rate manner to dispose of a pot stomach is right old fashioned exercising.

Right here are a few ways to concentrate on strengthening a horse’s topline specifically:

  • Taking walks and trotting up hills
  • Working over floor poles, flat and multiplied
  • Jumping
  • Transitions, transitions, transitions
  • Encourage your horse to transport forward, attractive the hind stop, and lifting the belly
  • Doing belly lifting sports by urgent gently upward underneath the belly

Keep in mind that if you are nonetheless concerned about your horse’s weight and digestive fitness, it’s nearly usually a good coverage to lessen grain-based feeds and maximize forage. and of course, aid your horse’s general intestine fitness with be successful.

In end, a pot stomach on a horse doesn’t replicate a weight problem; it represents a lack of conditioning. Before cutting again on your horse’s feed, get him into an everyday exercise program to strengthen the topline muscle mass and guide the belly.

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